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clan war against misfits of mayham (usa)
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16th Feb 2020

hello to all "flying dutchman",
i talked to the misfits admins and they really like to do a clan war against dcs.

they are thinking about saturday the 29. 02. 2020 between 21:00 - 22:00 europe time.

we should do 3 best of three/five rounds-battle with conquest, rush, chainlink, or  team-deathmatch
with one round on hardcore-mode.
3x on their server and 3x on our server to have the ping-situation fair balanced.

their server is here:
https://battlelog.battlef ... AYHEM-24-7-Conquest/

their homepage is here:
https://www.battlefield4. ... org/

please let me know what you all think about it, so we can talk back to them to let them know.
and please think about on what map with which mode and how many tickets/kills we want to play against them, too...

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Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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